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Safeguard ECS Epoxy Floor Coating

Safeguard ECS Epoxy Floor Coating

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ECS Epoxy Floor Coating is a two-part water-dispersed epoxy resin product consisting of a pigmented base resin component and a water-dispersed hardener component. The two parts are mixed thoroughly before use with a mechanical mixer. Once mixed, ECS Epoxy Floor coating can be applied by brush or lambs wool roller to provide a decorative coating which is easily cleaned. Areas of application include:

  • Floor and wall coating for kitchens and other food-processing areas
  • Warehouse and storage areas
  • Light industrial factory areas to give resistance to foot and light vehicular traffic
  • Sealing bund walls 
  • Treating damp problems in solid concrete floors.
  • When treating damp problems in solid concrete floors, consideration should also be given to the use of Oldroyd Xs flooring membrane.
Package contents: 1X 5kg tub of ECS Epoxy floor covering

Coverage: 5 kg covers approximately 35m2

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