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Newton Nuseal Plug

Newton Nuseal Plug


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Cellar and Basement Tanking with Newton System 500 has revolutionised the way that below ground structures are treated for damp and water ingress. The internally drained cavity system has significant advantages over traditional hardened renders and externally applied systems.  

Package contents:
  • 100 plugs

Compatible with:
  • Newton 508
  • Newton 508 Mesh

Note: 11mm SDS drill bit required, plugs are 70mm in length.
Newton Nuseal Plugs are used to secure Newton Systems 500 membranes to building substrate and to fix battens or tracking systems. Prior to using Nuseal plugs, wrap a bead of Newton Waterseal Rope around the head of the plug to form a compression seal. Nuseal Plugs are recommended when applying Newton 508 or 508 Mesh to vaulted arches. Butyl rope in a 10mm bead is used for jointing membrane when a flange seal is not possible. Newton Waterseal Rope can be used with Newton 503 and Newton 508 Mesh.


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