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M2 - Newton 508 Clear Cellar

M2 - Newton 508 Clear Cellar


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8mm Cavity Drain Membrane for Basement Walls, Floors & Vaulted Soffits

Newton 508 is our high quality BBA cavity drain waterproofing membrane suitable for use internally below the ground to retaining walls, vaulted soffits and floors. Newton 508 is our flagship membrane and one of the most specified cavity drain membrane in the UK. The 0.7mm thick HDPE product allows for large industrial loads to be applied and the in line studs allow for quick installation with minimal surface preparation.

Package size: 2m X 20m

Width (m) 2.07 / 2.40
Length (m) 20.00
Area (m?) 40.00 / 48.00
Weight (kg) 28.00
Colour Transparent
Raw Material High Density Polyethylene
Thickness (mm) 0.67
Stud Height (mm) 8.00
Compressive Strength 350 kN/m?
Vapour Permeability 0.046g/m? x hr x mmHg
Thermal Resistance 0.078m? K/W
Thermal Conductivity 0.461 W/m k
Vicat Softening Temperature 126?C

System Overview 

The professional's "waterproofing system of choice", Newton System 500 is an internally applied waterproofing system based upon our range of cavity drain membranes, drainage conduits and sophisticated pumping and control systems. Unlike conventional 'tanking', Newton System 500 is not attempting the almost impossible and trying to hold water back, but places designed maintainable depressurisation voids at known weaknesses in the structure so that ingressing water is simply captured and diverted out of the property. Newton recommends that our structural waterproofing systems are installed by one of our Nationwide Network of Newton Specialist Basement Contractors who have been trained by Newton and can offer full PI on design and insured backed guarantee on the installation. 

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