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There are a number of things that you should think about when buying a damp proofing cream. Below are what we think are the most important for anyone new to using these products – although, we are unable to make an overall judgement on quality we have just shown some of the advertised information of each product in an easy to digest form.

Things missing from this guide include things like detailed testing information or the chemical composition of each cream, which makes it difficult to know if we are comparing like for like products.

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Testing an BBA approval

Different brands have gone through different forms of testing and can therefore relied on to be long lasting and high quality. Probably the most important of all testing bodies in the UK is the BBA which reviews products for quality and safety and all products which have gone through the testing can be relied on to meet a good standard.

Of our damp proofing creams the Ultracure and Dryzone creams have gone through BBA testing – please see more information about the BBA here


There are a number of other tests which different businesses have commissioned and completed in order to test their products which can be found on each of the product pages of our site. In addition, those products which have been around the longest have gone through more testing in industry.



The advertised coverage rate will vary between each product although it must be noted that these are the rates stated by each product manufacturer and does not included information around the quality of the cream, active ingredients or guaranteed lifetime of the product






Length of Wall


















All of these values are assuming a wall depth of 4.5 inches. For more detailed information on coverage rates for different wall depths, please see our guide to Damp Proof Cream Coverage Rates


Price of cream

Different brands price their products at different rates – generally those with a higher price are so because of the increased testing and R&D which has gone into the product. Although we cannot make a judgement on overall quality of each product, the premium brands tend to charge higher prices as they believe their products to be higher quality and provide a longer lasting protection against damp

N-virol: £8.49
Ultracure: £12.99
Dryzone: £21.99

However, by knowing the area covered by each product, we can work out a rough price per 10 meters of wall (again assuming a wall depth of 4.5 inches)

N-virol: £21
Ultracure: £30
Dryzone: £55

With the rough price per litre being

N-virol: £21
Ultracure: £34
Dryzone: £36


Price of applicator

Often overlooked, these applicators are often designed to work only with their own tube packaging. See some prices of our prices for standard kits below


N-Virol N-virol 1.0 litre Cartridge Package Deal 2 : £124.99


Ultracure Wykamol Ultracure Kits 8 x 1 litres : £219.99


Dryzone  Dryzone Damp-proofing Cream - 10 Pack  : £189.99

See our range of Damp Proofing Creams


See our range of Damp Proofing Creams

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