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Rising Damp treatment

Rising damp is caused by moisture rising through a masonry wall which is in contact with a damp floor. The moisture is then released on the surface of the wall damaging the plaster and the cavities whilst providing conditions for fungi to grow. There are a number of different solutions to this, depending on the building be worked on and the extent of the damage.

Preventing the rising of the moisture can be achieved by injecting a damp proofing cream across the masonry or a placing physical plastic membrane between the wall and the floor.  Following this, a number of plaster additives and additional membranes can be applied to the walls to repair any existing damage.

Dry Rot and Wet Rot treatment

Removing the source of damp or moisture Removing the offending fungal growths which have sprouted to the surface Treating the structure to completely eradicate all internal spores These are types of fungal infections that thrive in damp conditions. The fungus attacks masonry and timber structures – causing permanent damage and possible instability. This can be considered to be quite serious problem and a quick response is advised

Mould eradication

Mould in homes and offices are problems commonly caused by condensation and are often found in places which are not well ventilated. The moisture in the air can originate from showers, sinks or just people breathing The resulting build up of mould can cause issues with a resident’s health and a building’s structure – ontop of it being unpleasant to see and smell Our mould eradication services will help you rid your building of the offending mould, redecorate with preventative treatments to stop the mould from returning and even help with the installation of new ventilation systems

Woodworm treatment

Woodworms are a number of different species of wood boring beetles which can require a number of different treatments.  Increasingly found in commercial and residential building alike, the beetles will infest the untreated timber and use this as a food source. During a survey, we will identify the type of beetle in order to correctly treat the infestation.

Replastering and redecorating services

Walls which have suffered from damp will cause damage to the existing plaster and any further decorations placed over the walls in the futures. Salt build-ups which are created with the moisture build ups will attract moisture from the air and further compound the problems. Once a damp problem has been treated, using the right combinations of treatments and membranes will allow redecoration work to begin straight away. In addition, doing the redecoration right, will help prevent the damp problems from returning

Structural waterproofing

This work may be needed in areas of a high exposure to moisture where damp can cause serious problems to a building’s integrity. For example in basements or cellars, where the exposure of an outer wall to moisture is high and the water can be under a relatively high pressure Working with your building team, we can ensure that the correct preventative barriers are included into the structure to create a solid damp proofing barrier. In addition to damp proof creams and courses, these can include membranes, masonry protection liquids, sumps and other treatments to make sure that liquid is channelled and pushed away from the building structure.

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