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Damp Proof Membrane

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Damp Proofing membranes

Damp proof membranes will be inserted within walls and floors of buildings in order to produce a permanent and physical barrier to damp and moisture in the surrounding environment. Different thicknesses and shapes of the membranes will be employed in order to regulate the volume of liquid being held-up, the drainage required, the insulation required and the type of construction being implemented


Damp Away damp proofing membranes

The Damp Proof membranes offered to our customers range from the most cost efficient to the most innovative – suitable for small DIY jobs to professional construction solutions. We aim to carry as wider range as possible, to enable our customers to pick and choose from across the range, getting the best quality and prices available. In addition, we have include some generic none-branded products where think good alternatives are available. 


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    Please see inside for damp proof creams, damp membranes, rising damp solutions and other damp products. If you have any questions, please contact us as sales@dampaway.co.uk

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    Damp Away is a business dedicated to selling the best damp solutions available in the UK.We are committed to offering our customers a large a varied range of products to fit their particular damp issues - from small DIY jo...

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