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Types of Damp Proof Creams

Posted by Sachit Patel on April 06, 2011 (0 Comments)


Early forms of chemical damp proofing applications were complicated and time consuming.  The classic method, first introduced for masonry walls, was to use a penetrating liquid such as silicone into predrilled holes in the walls.  Once the masonry absorbed the liquid it would cure to form a waterproof barrier.

As the demand for chemical damp course repair has grown, the construction materials industry has responded with modern solutions, usually in the form of damp-proofing creams or liquids.  These are simpler and faster to apply and do not require expensive pumps.

Silane diffusion involves the use of a thixotropic silane cream which diffuses slowly through the mortar to release silane vapour.  This reacts with silica in the bricks to form a continuous membrane of impervious resin.  The silane is an irritant chemical and should be used with great care.  It can take anything up to a year for the damp to dry out, although the process will be accelerated if the application is done in the spring or early summer.

chemical damp course transfusion also involves drilling holes in the brickwork, which are then fitted with a dispenser.  Aqueous chemical damp course is fed by gravity into the dispenser units which diffuses the chemical to form a barrier.  Because this is a highly efficient method with little wastage of the chemical, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to combat damp.

chemical damp course may also be injected directly into drill holes.  This method is usually recommended only for single brick walls.

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