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How to Damp Proof Your House

Posted by Sachit Patel on April 06, 2011 (0 Comments)


An ounce of prevention is worth a megaton of cure and this applies absolutely to moisture-related problems with buildings.  There are basically two cases in which damp proofing is an issue.  The first is initial construction when it’s important that proper moisture barriers are used and properly installed.  The second is the case of an older building where the original damp course is no longer doing its job properly and must be repaired or replaced.

damp proofing a new building should not be a problem provided you have engaged a responsible professional builder.  He or she will know the importance of using quality materials and will be skilled in the correct way to install them.  In the case of a modern solid floor, the builder will cover the entire concrete pad.  If more traditional building methods are used, all walls will have a damp-proof course, usually slate, plastic, bitumen or copper between the first two rows of bricks.

Applying damp proofing to an existing building is a different problem because the old and failing damp course must be replaced or supplemented.  This is done by injecting a chemical cream between two rows of bricks about six inches above ground level.  The cream is injected from a cartridge into holes drilled into the mortar.  Once inside the wall, the cream diffuses before curing to become a water-resistant resin.  Do it yourself kits have made this a job which you can do yourself, but it is important to follow instructions carefully

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