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Causes of damp in a house

Posted by Sachit Patel on March 18, 2011 (0 Comments)


Everyone wish that their home should be beautiful and protected against damp. If you have the same wish then must check out the causes of damp in a house and also how it can be controlled. Usually damp is easy to handle but sometimes its severity causes some serious problems. Several factors are really responsible for their contribution to damp ripeness’ such as water and damp ingress, condensation, leaks, rising damp, and other causes. Now we will see each cause in detail. The real cause of damp is water penetration. It occurs through brickwork that extracts salts and left some deposit known as efflorescence. Afterwards, at first you will see a tide mark due to leak that will later on appear like ring marks. Another cause of damp is condensation which occurs mainly in winter season. It appears due to moisture present in the air directly hits the colder surface and then got condensed. Other symptoms of condensation are mould growth in the room corners, nearby windows, at the back of wardrobes or cupboards, baths and cookers, and on the surface of the walls. All these types of symptoms of damp occurrence needs proper treatment, and precautions as well. Bleach, fungicidal wash, usage of clean clothes, shampoo carpets, and fungicidal paint. All these treating modes will help to avoid the reoccurrence of damp and will not disturb the spores. Experts deliver three simple and beneficial step to reduce condensation: reduction of moisture occurrence, insulation, and ventilation.     

Lastly, if you felt that damp proof course is not working, then immediately consult to damp-proofing specialist. Accordingly, above mentioned causes of damp in a house can be well treated, and risk of dampness, and mould growth can be well-controlled.         

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